We Offer the Best Dog Training in Philadelphia and surrounding areas!

Here it is! Our dog training programs have a long history of success behind them. We use a time-tested, proven dog training method that gets RESULTS! 

We work with all kinds of dogs suffering from all kinds of behavior issues – everything from puppy training and basic manners, to more sever behavior problems like anxiety and aggression.

Contact us now to talk about how our dog training programs can help your dog overcome his/her behavior issues once and for all. Call us at 215.709.2560, or email us.

Regardless of the issue, we successfully apply the following principles to our dog training programs:

  •  We commit to seeing it through. When we first begin working together, we’ll set specific dog training goals, and then I’ll commit to working with you until we achieve these goals! My goal is to be the last dog trainer you ever need to hire.
  • Our dog training programs are reward-based. This means we place a very high value on setting your dog up for success! This principle is applied to the overall progression of our training, as well as the every day encounters with your dog.
  • We train out in the “real world”, not in a training bubble. Our dog training programs always start in your home, and then progress to more distracting environments. This ensures that no matter the situation, you and your dog know how to respond!
  • We use a time-tested, proven training protocol. The dog training protocol we follow has over 26 years of success behind it! It has been successfully used with all kinds of dogs, in all kinds of situations, from all kinds of backgrounds.

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Our dog training programs are set up so that you and your dog are successful, and you never need to hire another dog trainer! Call us today at 215.709.2560 to get started, or email us here and we’ll contact you soon.