Philadelphia Dog Training Success Stories! 

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Nola-Belle and her brother Tchoupper, both New Orleans natives, were quite the barkers! Whenever a dog would appear on the TV, a barking frenzy would erupt! Nola-Belle also emerged as the stubborn personality of the family, and at just 1 year old, she still just needed to learn some impulse control. Check out these comments about their progress! Their owners can now enjoy peaceful TV time, and Nola-Belle is rocking long duration commands like down stays! You go, girl!

Darlene H.

Yes you can teach an old dog new tricks! Dylan was so very patient with our older American Pit Bull Terrier, Captain Awesome! Captain needed to learn how to listen to us , how to walk with us, and how to focus on us after we moved from the suburbs to the city. After the first lesson Captain was beginning to heel, and to sit and wait for commands. After a few short weeks he is much calmer and more focused in his daily walks. And we are less frazzled when we walk with him. Captain is a much more confident city-dweller after our sessions with Dylan. We would highly recommend Dylan – so would Captain Awesome!

Michael L.

Our trainer is the best dog trainer around! His methods are easy to understand and always work! Our dog Vixen had severe fear aggression with people and other dogs. He was so understanding of our fears and situation of having an aggressive dog, and he made us feel so much better about rehabilitating Vixen. Thanks to the CTG training method, Vixen is a well balanced, fearless boy!

Rick M.

Thank you Independence Dog Training! My family and I were first time dog owners and we ended up with a rowdy little Husky puppy. We knew we needed help and thats when we contacted Independence. They gave us all the proper training tools to help our Husky puppy get on the right track. We are so happy we met them and they were able to give us the most positive puppy raising experience.

Kate R.

Independence was the best! They helped my dog through his aggression issues with other dogs. Before I met them taking Tonka for a walk was more stressful and chaotic to the point that I didn’t even want to walk him. They explained to me exactly what was going on and how they were going to fix it. Not only did we fix Tonka’s dog aggression but we built a stronger bond in the process. Thank you Independence!!!!

Nancy G.