Lucy the Leash Puller – Dog Training in Philly

Leash pulling is a pain with little dogs and can be dangerous with large dogs, for both the pet and their person.  I offer dog training in Philly and the surrounding area, and this is one of the most common issues I address very early on in my dog training program.

When I was about six years old, I remember taking my friend’s German Shepherd mix out on a leash in the yard. He caught sight of something and started running. I was yanked to the ground, lost my grip on the leash, and the dog ran right into the road. Luckily, I was okay and there were no cars coming, but the situation could have ended very differently.  Needless to say, I empathize with people who have similar issues with their dog.

I offer dog training in South Jersey, and can help dogs with all types of issues, including leash pullingIf this problem sounds familiar, give Independence Dog Training a call. I can help, just as I helped a Philly area dog named Lucy improve her leash manners.  I offer professional dog training in Philadelphia, and the surrounding areas!

I met Lucy for the first time in her front yard. Her owner was holding the leash and Lucy was at the end, trying to pull her owner toward me so she could investigate the new arrival. Even when we all went inside to begin the in-home consultation, Lucy’s owner had to hold onto her collar to keep her from jumping on me.

If there is one thing I’ve learned about dogs over the years, it’s that they’re stubborn creatures. Even if it means causing a great amount of discomfort to themselves, they will pull and pull unless someone steps in and takes charge. Ideally, this person is typically the dog’s main caregiver, but many owners just don’t have the tools they need to establish leadership.  (NOT to be confused with dominance!)  Or, they have just been relying on bad advise that is easily found on the internet.

This is where I come in. Thanks to my years of experience handling dogs and my Canine Trade Group certification, I can show owners the right way to handle their dog, using a time-tested and proven training protocol that sets your dog up for success, and maximizes the opportunity for reward and positive interaction.

In the case of Lucy, we needed to cut down on her freedom. This may sound a bit harsh and confining, but the elimination of roaming puts the owner in a place of total leadership, without having to resort to physical dominance techniques—the owner dictates when, where, and how the dog will eat, sleep, and eliminate. The dog begins to look to the owner for cues and guidance; they begin to trust their owner unconditionally. Establishing that focus is a major part of teaching dogs basic obedience.

Eventually, Lucy can have some of her freedom back, but she has to prove she can handle it.

If your dog is having problems on the leash, or any other type of behavior problem, call Independence Dog Training at 215.709.2560. I offer professional dog training in Philly and the surrounding areas.  We’ll discuss your concerns and schedule an in-home consultation so I can make recommendations based specifically on your dog and his/her individual needs.