We offer commitment-based dog training for dogs, and their people throughout Philadelphia and the surrounding area!

The most important component of any dog training program is the outcome. Are you seeing results?

If you are seeking dog training in Philadelphia and the surrounding area, and you choose to work with Independence Dog Training, the answer to that question will be a resounding YES!

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Our Philadelphia area dog training programs will get the job done

We offer professional dog training and dog behavior training in the Philadelphia area including Bucks County, Northern Delaware County, Montgomery County, Philadelphia County and surrounding areas. We’ll come to you!

If you decide to train with our Philadelphia area dog training program, we’ll commit to working with you until we’ve achieved ALL of your dog training goals. We know we can get results!


Our dog training programs are designed to address all ranges of behavior issues, including:

  • Puppy training including housebreaking and mouthing
  • RELIABLE obedience training, even around distractions!
  • Aggression – human aggression, dog aggression, food aggression or resource guarding, sibling aggression, and more
  • Anxiety issues – separation anxiety, hyperactivity, fearful behavior, nervousness, and more
  • Excessive behaviors – excessive barking, inappropriate chewing, digging
  • Inappropriate greeting behaviors like jumping, nipping, and more

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Professional dog training is appropriate for every dog

Young puppies who start early with professional puppy training have so much to gain – namely, the prevention of future behavior problems. Adult dogs have much to gain as well.

If you think you can’t teach your old dog new tricks (or help him change his behavior), prepare to be surprised! It’s never too late to help your dog change; in fact, we regularly succeed even after other dog trainers have failed to get the job done.

All breeds can benefit from professional dog training. From small dogs like Chihuahuas and Pomeranians, to big dogs like German Shepherds, Rottweilers, and pit bulls, we can handle them all. No breed is excluded.

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We KNOW we can help your dog through any behavior issue, and help you develop a more peaceful relationship with your dog. If you are in the Philadelphia area and are looking for the highest quality professional dog training, Contact us at 215.709.2560 to speak with us about your dog, or email us using our contact form. We can’t wait to meet you!

Please read on to learn more about our Philadelphia area dog training programs, our success stories, and our professional dog trainer and behaviorist. Don’t forget to check out our dog behavior blog for more quality dog training information and advice!

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Dylan is trained and certified by Canine Trade Group – School for Professional Dog Trainers.