Working Dogs Need A Job

Dogs that are of a working breed have a deep, genetic need for purpose and exercise. They’ve been bred for traits such as endurance and strength, and when they don’t get the chance to use their natural abilities they develop anxiety-related behavioral issues like aggression and hyperactivity.

Philadelphia dog training programs that give dogs mentally stimulation to prevent behavior problems!

Border Collies are a herding breed, they are also known as the smartest breed of dog. If they do not get proper work and mental stimulation they can very easily develop serious behavior issues.

Independence Dog Training is experienced in training all kinds of working dogs, and our 27 year old method has been successful throughout the Philadelphia area. We meet with you in your dog’s home environment and create a customized training program that allows your dog to find an alternative outlet for their genetic needs that ends their bad behaviors. Every dog is different, as is their living situation, so our training is focused on treating each dog as a unique case in order to train them in the most effective and efficient way possible.

Once we figure out what your working dog’s “job” will be, and they begin participating in the activity, they’re behavioral issues will be much easier to address; some issues may even disappear immediately, but not in every case. Independence Dog Training operates with a rewards-based approach to dog training. This doesn’t mean we rely completely on rewards, but instead it means that we teach your dog to make the right choices, setting themselves up to be rewarded. Our training is commitment-based as well, which means that we won’t stop working with you until all of our training goals are met.

Our Philadelphia dog trainer’s goal is to give you the education and tools you’ll need to train your dog on your own. Since you are with your dog more than your trainer can be, this just makes sense. We work with a very experienced, professional dog training group that shares the view that dog training is really mostly people training. After you’ve learned our program, you’ll be prepared to take on anything that comes and, rest assured, we’ll be there to support you on your journey to that goal!

We offer dog training throughout the Philadelphia area including Exton, Downington, Norristown, Oxford, West Chester and more. Give us a call at 215.709.2560 and our experienced behavioral specialists can talk to you about the issues you’re having with your working dog and explain our training program to you as it relates to your specific situation. You can also send us a message using our contact form. Let’s put your working dog back to work!