Philadelphia Professional In Home Dog Training in Philadelphia PA

Philadelphia Professional In Home Dog Training in Philadelphia PA
Philadelphia Professional In Home Dog Training in Philadelphia PA

Looking to improve your dog’s behavior? Do you need actual results and not just sessions spent with your dog that are ineffective? We offer commitment-based Philadelphia in home dog training that will result in a happier, safer pup and a better environment for your home! Using proven techniques from a 26-year old step-by-step methodology, we will transform your dog’s behavior for the better.

Philadelphia in Home Dog Training … Safely

Here at Independence Dog Training Philadelphia, we know you have a busy schedule and you care about your beloved pet. That’s why we offer a few different ways to help. Here are a few of them:

  • We will come to your home for dog training and comply with all CDC guidelines for safety. We offer comprehensive training packages that have proven 100% effective time and time again.
  • We consult with you via phone giving you valuable and effective instructions.
  • We can provide digital guidance to lessen person to person contact.

Although we are recognized experts in Philadelphia in home dog training, you can see that there are other options to achieve your goals for your furry friend.

The Most Sought After Trainer

Our exceptional trainer was certified by John Van Olden of the Canine Trade Group and uses a 26-year old proven method to get the desired results for your dog. We will establish the goals for your pet at our initial consultation so that it’s crystal clear what we’re aiming for.

Our trainer works with dogs of all ages and breeds and has achieved results with professional dog training in Philadelphia even when the dog’s behavior was considered “extremely difficult.” We enjoy successfully resolving the following common behavioral issues:

  • Puppy training
  • Aggression
  • Hyperactive
  • Basic obedience 
  • Separation anxiety

In other words… we can help!

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Your professional in home dog training in Philadelphia is only a phone call away! Contact us using our online form or call us at 215-709-2560.

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