In-Home Training

Philadelphia In-home Dog Training: The Best Solution For Dog Behavior Problems

There are so many ways to offer dog training these days: group classes large and small, private in-home training, and board and train, to name a few. As a dog trainer who resolves dog behavior problems and who teaches reliable obedience, there is only one option that stands above the others: in-home dog training.

Dog behavior is best addressed as a whole. Many factors, including a dog’s environment and his relationship to his family members, can influence a dog’s behavior. To create lasting behavior change, it’s imperative to consider all of these variables. There is no way to observe and evaluate these variables outside of a dog’s home environment.

Why In-Home Training?

In-home dog training is the best option for lasting dog behavior change. With in-home dog training, the dog trainer will spend time teaching the family how to guide the dog through the behavior change process. The family gains an understanding of how their dog thinks, why their dog does what he does, and how to guide the dog toward another behavior option. The family learns excellent handling skills, and as a result, they are now confident and comfortable handling the dog in all situations. Best of all, in-home dog training affords the family the opportunity to be part of the process of changing the dog’s behavior. Guiding a dog through this process is a bonding experience like no other. The relationship between the dog and its handler is strengthened by a bond of mutual trust and respect – a bond that can only be forged through the training journey. That alone is worth the “effort” that in-home dog training requires from the dog’s family.

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Even if you’ve been told your dog is “beyond help,” please don’t give up before talking to us. We can create lasting behavior change even after other dog trainers were unable to get the job done!

Dog Training is for Owners, too!

As far as effort is concerned, yes, in-home dog training does require active participation from the dog’s family. Typically, no more effort is required than what is already being put forth. If you have a dog with a behavior problem, you know it takes a lot of effort just to manage it. Keeping the dog out of trouble, worrying about the dog getting into trouble – no matter what your dog’s issue is, it’s work! A properly designed dog training plan will take this effort into account, and instead of requiring further effort, it should restructure your efforts so that you’re moving toward resolution, instead of never-ending management duties.

If you have a dog with a dog behavior problem in the Philadelphia area including Bucks County, Northern Delaware County, Montgomery County, Philadelphia County and surrounding areas, I’d be happy to discuss how my in-home dog training program will benefit your dog and your family. 


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