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Recently, I have been receiving a slew of inquiries for puppy training. You have no idea how thrilled this makes me feel. It’s not just because it keeps me busy, but I am just so happy that people are taking their new puppy’s upbringing seriously by pursuing professional training. This is not to say that owners cannot train their own dogs, but I am pleased that people are making an effort to find the right type of training protocol suited specifically for their new puppy.

Thanks to the information age that we live in, anyone could probably research online how to teach their dogs to sit or shake paws. I’ve had many clients tell me about how they looked up housebreaking articles on the internet. While these could be helpful, there’s also a large chance that all these different articles and this overload of conflicting information can backfire on your puppy’s training. Clients have signed up with me and have never attempted training a puppy. Others have tried it themselves already and found their methods were ineffective, at sometimes, causing more harm than good.

With my puppy training program, I aim to not only train the puppy, but also the owner. I guide the owner on how to properly raise a puppy, and then also equip them with consistent, reward-based information so that they can carry it on as their puppy ages into an adult. One of the many perks of my puppy training is that with it taking place in the home, we can set up and control the environment so that the puppy can flourish successfully. 

Whenever anyone gets a puppy, they are bound to face the basic puppy behaviors: indoor accidents, playful nipping/mouthing and destructive chewing. In many cases too, separation anxiety could form, and if the puppy is not properly attended to or socialized, the puppy could become very nervous around others. With puppy training, not only do I wish to eliminate these troublesome behaviors, but I also want to ensure that the puppy grows up to be both an obedient and happy dog. Basic obedience training means nothing if the dog is still unhappy and experiencing anxiety.

The holidays are approaching soon, so if you are thinking of getting a puppy as a gift, please consider puppy training. Here at Independence Dog Training, my goal is to bring harmony to the household and to keep the dog or puppy in the home forever! Call 215.709.2560 to schedule your first puppy session!