Cribs & Canines: Dog Training for New Parents

Who doesn’t love babies?! Most people do, and so do most dogs! Still, those dog owners who are looking to become parents in the future must consider the dog’s response to a new baby in the home. Could it be a positive, immediate acceptance, or will the dog be perplexed on how to deal with a new family member in the home?

This is why we offer the Cribs and Canines program – a practical, reward-based training protocol for both dogs and their owners, who are or are soon-to-be-parents! We understand that a new baby can cause new inconsistencies in a person’s AND dog’s normal routines and daily life schedules. We want to make sure that both human and dog can make their own personal transition with a new baby as pleasant and comfortable as possible.

Your best Philadelphia dog trainer is here to guide your human and canine family to great success! We will educate your dog on proper behaviors and how to adopt these behaviors as part of daily life, both before and after the baby arrives! We will show your dog how walking calmly with a stroller is a happy, relaxed experience. Your dog will understand how to be well-mannered and to NOT jump on pregnant mom or to snatch away the baby’s toy. Through our expectant parent training, your dog will learn to acclimate themselves to the idea of a baby in the home, before your baby is even there yet! Most importantly, we will teach your dog to be a happy, obedient dog with the entire family, and will show you how to maintain a consistent environment where you, your baby, and your dog can coexist happily!

Get Started Today!

If you feel your dog needs some professional tips on how to adjust to a new baby, contact us at 215.709.2560, or send us an email via our contact page.

If you are presently a parent and are growing concerned about your dog’s response to your baby’s admittance to the family and home, you too can benefit from our results-based training! We will work with you until your goals are met, and work to bring security and trust between your dog and baby!