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In-home Philly dog training has many advantages

Nothing compares to in-home dog training! In-home training is appropriate for all dogs, regardless of age or breed, and is MOST appropriate for dogs with behavior problems. Philly Dog Training addresses all behavior problems ranging from aggression, to anxiety, to inappropriate chewing, to housebreaking and puppy training.

The major advantage of in-home Philly dog training is that it allows your dog to learn new behaviors away from the distractions of the outside world. A solid dog training plan should set your dog up for success, and that starts with giving your dog time to learn what’s expected of him.

In-home dog training is also advantageous for the dog’s owner(s). Dog handling skills aren’t terribly difficult, but like any new skill set, it takes time to learn. So while your dog is learning and practicing new behaviors at home, you’ll also be learning and practicing your new dog handling skills. Our goal is to teach you how to communicate with your dog in any situation.

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Facing distractions: a key part of dog behavior change

Perhaps the most valuable component of a professional dog training program is  distraction proofing. Teaching new behaviors is important, but these new behaviors are only valuable if the dog uses them at the right time, like in those pinch moments. How do you teach that? You’ve gotta go look for trouble!

When you’re looking for a dog trainer to help your dog overcome a behavior issue, be sure to ask if part of the plan is to “look for trouble.” Make sure the dog trainer eventually intends to address the behavior in the context where it’s been a problem in the past. Also, be sure to ask if the trainer plans to resolve the problem, or if they plan to “manage” the problem – two very different things! Independence Dog Training is in the business of resolving dog behavior problems.

Commitment-based dog training is extremely advantageous

Our dog training programs are commitment-based. This means that once we commit to working with you, we’ll work together to establish clear, realistic and attainable training goals. We’ll will work with you until ALL of those goals have become a reality. We stand behind our training, and we promise to be your partner in your dog’s continued behavioral health long after our training program is completed.

Dog training begins with a no-obligation behavior consultation

A professional dog training program should always begin with a behavior consultation. A phone consultation can be helpful, but it’s no replacement for an in-person consultation in a dog’s home environment. There are MANY factors that influence a dog’s behavior, including the dog’s personality, temperament, and environment. The dog’s family members – both canine and human – can also influence the dog’s behavior. This is why it’s important to do both a thorough behavior evaluation of the dog, and an in-depth observation of the dog in his/her home environment, while getting to know the dog’s family.

When designing a plan to change a dog’s behavior, it’s important for a dog trainer to consider not just what’s best for the dog, but what works for the family as well. A professional dog trainer will understand the in’s and out’s of canine behavior, how canine behavior is modified, how to explain the process, and how to motivate and encourage the dog’s family!

We can help, even if other dog trainers have given up 

There are many talented dog trainers to choose from these days. Many dog trainers are capable of changing behaviors (from aggression, to jumping, to housebreaking), but many are not. We are typically not the first dog trainer our clients have worked with, and we’re frequently the dog’s last hope before being surrendered to a shelter (or worse). If this is your situation, do not give up! We CAN help!

Even if you’ve been told your dog’s behavior can never be changed, we beg to differ. If you’re located in the Philadelphia area including Bucks County, Northern Delaware County, Montgomery County, Philadelphia County and surrounding areas, call us now at 215.709.2560, or email us using our contact form to talk with us about your dog’s behavior.


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